Now More Than Ever, We Need to Lead Into Tomorrow While Living For Today

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(Covid-Protocol Compliant)

Small Group of Select Applicants Only

Negative Covid-19 test required. Testing administered on-site by private physician. Participants remain on the premises as one exclusive group for entirety of two-day live event, to ensure lack of Covid exposure.

Deconstruct Yesterday's

Leadership Models

View TED-style talks by

Recognised Innovators

Transform Your Organisation

and Yourself

Develop Tactical Empathy Techniques

Build a Superior Professional, Physical, Emotional and Relational Self

My Reality Cubed has developed a management consulting and leadership development program that builds skills and connections necessary to guide industry and humanity amidst the tragedies and uncertainties of this worldwide pandemic. We provide business model transformation services, tactical empathy negotiation strategies, organizational operations and scalability consulting, executive leadership training, as well as innovation, research and development strategies. In addition, we bring together a curated and select group of high level executives, admitted on a referral basis, for uniquely curated peer-to-peer mentoring events. As Covid 19 ravages our species and brings our society to a halt, MRC forges innovation and alliances that expand opportunities for professional and personal growth. And in that way, we capitalize on the full human potential of our leaders, enabling them to become visionaries in their industries and their lives.

It was time someone raised the typical consulting and mastermind peer-to-peer mentoring models to the next level and integrated 21st century training compatible with a quarantine status. That upgrade is My Reality Cubed.

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Shermin Kruse is an award winning idea curator, global change-maker, complex-system negotiator, speaker, and storyteller.

Shermin has nearly two decades of experience working in competitive strategy and game theory applications, corporate and community advocacy, brand protection and augmentation, as well as dispute resolution for individuals, international corporations and Fortune 500 Companies. Shermin also has a decade of parallel experience producing thought-leadership events, including TEDx conferences and a network of salon series. She is a professor of law at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law,  a critically acclaimed, best-selling author, a global speaker, and is frequently the subject of international, national, and local media stories.

Shermin's true passion is the understanding and advancement of human nature, which is what led her to develop My Reality Cubed's innovative leadership model (Triptych Leadership).



Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion Training

Private and Group sessions available

Hourly as well as project-based rates available

Speech, Media, and Body Language Training

Private and Group sessions available

Hourly as well as project-based rates available

Tactical Empathy and Stoicism Training

Private and Group sessions available

Hourly as well as project-based rates available

Organizational Change Management Consulting

Hourly as well as project-based rates available

MRC Mastermind Model, Peer to Peer Mentoring

Pricing available upon request



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